Foreign Nationals Vow To Continue Fight To Leave SA Without Gift Of The Givers

black foreigners
Foreign nationals are seen at the Greenmarket Square in the Cape Town CBD on 5 November 2019. Picture: Kaylynn Palm/EWN

CAPE TOWN – Foreigners being accommodated at a Cape Town church are refusing humanitarian aid.

Last week, the church opened its doors and offered protection to dozens of people who were forcibly removed from outside UN offices in the city centre.

They had camped there for more than three weeks, demanding the UN help them to leave South Africa.

Gift of the Givers withdrew their services at the Methodist Church on Wednesday, after a week of providing daily meals, medical assistance and hygiene products to refugees.

Foreigners told the organisation to go because Gift of the Givers director Badr Kazi stated their demand to be relocated to another country en masse was “unrealistic”.

“Within that context, I feel their demands are unrealistic, but their demands in terms of processing of papers is justified. On our side, they didn’t like what we said.”

Refugee leader Papy Sukumi said they told the organisation to leave as they would continue their fight.

“The problem is our safety and xenophobia. We are suffering in this country.”

Sukumi said leaders would continue engagements with the UN Refugee Agency.