Frans Baleni Hails Ramaphosa As Strategic Visionary

Former unionist and businessman Frans Baleni has described President Cyril Ramaphosa as a strategic visionary.

Baleni was among the leaders – who along with Ramaphosa – founded the National Union of Mineworkers more than 30 years ago and has remained his close ally.

With the economy is in the doldrums and the ANC in crisis, the president is looked upon by the nation for stability.

Baleni says Ramaphosa’s style of leadership will stand the test of time due to his balanced approach to challenges.

“He knows the situation of our economy and knows what needs to be changed.”

Looking back to a young Ramaphosa, the former unionist says he has no doubt his hand in corrupt dealings in government will be harsh.

“He’s made commitment to say time has come to stop talking but to deliver.”

The president will take his oath of office later today becoming South Africa’s fifth democratic president.