From ‘I Hate You’ To ‘Thank You’

Abby Jones is only 12 years old and has been changing the world with her efforts in philanthropy since she was born with a pay it forward project she takes on every year. She believes that the key to success comes down to having open, honest and caring relationships with one another. In that regard, Abby has an important message for the parents out there who are struggling with how to manage screen time and social media addiction with their kids.

Abby Jones is the founder of “Abby’s Pay it Forward Project” which began as a simple project when she was born where her grandparents would gift her $25 every year to pay forward in some way. The money can not be spent on herself; instead it must be used to make the world a better place.

Over the years, Abby has taken the money and turned it into thousands more dollars through fundraising efforts. She has donated money to Children of the Night, The Red Panda Network, Shelterbox, New Eyes for the Needy, Anchor School for the Blind, PETA and several other organizations.

In 2017 she received the “Compassionate Activist” award for her donation of $1,100 to PETA.

Abby is in 7th grade where she excels in all of her subjects. She has traveled to 8 different countries and all over the United States with her parents and grandparents. In her spare time she plays Dungeons & Dragons, experiments with various slime recipes, works on craft projects and plays with her two cats. She one day hopes to be a geologist or criminologist. She loves to read fantasy and sci-fi novels and is slightly obsessed with Dr. Who.

Abby’s big goal in life is to leave the world a better place than she found it.