FW De Klerk Foundation
Image EWN

The FW de Klerk Foundation says it has noted with deep concern the majority decision of the constitutional review committee to recommend to Parliament the amendment of Section 25 of the Constitution.

The foundation says the Constitution already implies the expropriation of land without compensation is an option for land reform.

It believes the decision to amend the constitution to make it explicit is wrong.

The foundation’s Theuns Eloff said: “We’ve made written and oral submission in Parliament about the inevitable danger of going the route of expropriation without compensation politically, stability, economically, [it will be] a disaster. Legally, we obviously don’t yet know what the formulation would be.”

Elof says most the committee has not followed due process and has not taken all the written submissions into account.

“We also have a concern about the process, it’s clear from the newspaper reports that the committee itself said they had not adequately considered all the written submissions.”