Gengezi Mgidlana Found Guilty Of Serious Misconduct-Parly Disciplinary Panel

Suspended secretary Mr Gengezi Mgidlana.
Suspended secretary Mr Gengezi Mgidlana.

A disciplinary panel has found suspended secretary to Parliament Gengezi Mgidlana guilty of serious misconduct and has recommended his summary dismissal.

Mgidlana was put on precautionary leave in 2017 pending a disciplinary hearing on allegations against him of maladministration and abuse of power.

National Assembly Speaker Thandi Modise said it would now be up to both houses of Parliament, the National Assembly and the National Council of Provinces (NCOP), to decide on the matter.

Nearly two and a half years down the line, the long-running saga of the suspended secretary to Parliament appeared to be reaching an end.

Modise said Mgidlana faced 13 charges; one was withdrawn for lack of evidence and on five, he was found not guilty, as policy on these issues was unclear.

“He was found guilty on seven charges. On four of the seven charges, he was found guilty of serious misconduct, with a sanction that was summary dismissal. The other three charges were final warnings,” she said.

Modise said she and NCOP chairperson Amos Masondo, who make up Parliament’s executive authority, wrote to Mgidlana.

“We are sending correspondence to the secretary that we are going to accept the recommendations of the DC, and that we will be putting into motion a process that will have the two houses dealing with a motion on this matter because the two houses appoint the Secretary to Parliament,” Modise said.

When the complaints against Mgidlana first emerged, he told Eyewitness News he was confident he would be cleared of any wrongdoing.