Get Ready For A Storm – Alternative Rock Band Spoegwolf Is Back

The alternative Afrikaans rock band, Spoegwolf, recently made history when their latest album, Koma, topped Apple Music’s top 100 album charts – the first time in history that an Afrikaans band boasted with this accomplishment (competing with both local and international albums). And now Spoegwolf returns with their second single off Koma, namely “Storm”.

Spoegwolf’s Chris von Wielligh says it was very difficult for the popular group to decide on what their next single should be after “Blue” (the first single). He says: “But when we started talking amongst ourselves, we realised that ”Storm” was a favorite song amongst us all. So if we all love it this much, we trust our fans will agree that it is an absolute winner.”


As with “Blue”“Storm” was once again written by the band’s lead singer, Danie du Toit.

Says Danie: “As our fans know by now, we enjoy releasing a song with a complementary music video to tell the full story, although we do it in a unique Spoegwolf way. So we’re proud to also release the music video which was shot in Muizenberg.”

Enjoy The music video Below

And why the name Koma (“coma” in English) for the album? Moscow du Toit explains: “The release is a concept album about trauma. We thought that the idea of a coma fits perfectly with it. The songs follow someone who goes through something terrible – he gets up, falls…gets up, falls…and then finally realises that there’s nothing left except the essential dream of love and the little light that still shines inside him. We hope that the listening experience will feel like a deep sleep; like a coma.”

So how does Koma differ from Spoegwolf’s previous three albums? Albert van der Merwe enthuses: “We spent a lot more time on rehearsals that resulted in more of a ‘rock’ feel on some of the tracks. The album is also our most complete concept release with recurring themes and artwork that add to the story. The whole album flows as if it’s one – from beginning to end.”

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“Storm”, as well as the rest of the album, is available on iTunes and Apple Music. “Koma” has a total of 14 tracks, of which 2 are instrumental arrangements.