FILE: Makhanda residents queue as humanitarian aid group Gift of the Givers delivers water. Picture:

Humanitarian aid group Gift of the Givers says it is on standby to aid Mozambique amid a cyclone.

Tropical Cyclone Idai made landfall on Thursday night near the city of Beira.

Rescue SA has already arrived in Mozambique with its team.

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Chairman of Gift of the Givers, Imtiaz Sooliman says he’s received a letter from the Mozambican government but is waiting for confirmation of details before his organisation heads off.

“Nobody is sure exactly what is going on there right now because all the communication systems are down completely, so they themselves do not have enough information. We are on standby, we have been communicating with their disaster management, they sent me a letter a few hours ago,” says, Sooliman.

Sooliman says their team is ready and waiting.

“They said they want water specialists and helicopters but I want make absolutely sure that it is exactly what they do need before I commit myself and my team,” he says.