Going Online Furniture Shopping

Online Furniture Shopping

When it comes to furniture shopping, not many think of e-commerce as their first port of call. After all, it is as much a tactile experience as it is a visual one. However, Teljoy Digital Marketing Supervisor, Melissa Signor, believes the next-generation of digital shoppers is preferring to go the online route.

“All the advantages of online shopping translate wonderfully well to the furniture-buying experience. Think convenience, security, product selection, online reviews – the list goes on. And as with any other online shopping experience, there are a few things to be mindful of.”

This includes hunting for the best deals. There is always a risk of impulse buying when walking into a furniture store only to discover a great special a few shops down the road. When shopping online, a competitor store is simply a click of the mouse or swipe of the finger away.

Similar to a real-world environment, it is also advisable to check delivery fees and return policies. There are few worse things to have happen than trying to return a bedroom suite that does not fit into your room, and the company refuses to accept it or charges an arm and a leg for the exchange.

Online furniture stores also need to be user-friendly and have easy search functionality to make the shopping experience as immersive as possible. The really good ones even feature comparison tools that let you compare various brands, styles, sizes, and so on.

“Okay, but now that you are aware of some of the things to consider, where do you go to buy furniture online? Sure, the convenience is great, but with a myriad of stores available to local shoppers, what are some of the best ones to choose from?” The following list in no particular order:


The premier rent-to-own site in the country, Teljoy factors delivery charges into the monthly rental of your furniture so the price you see on the product is the price you pay. The user-friendly site design means shoppers can easily find the furniture they are looking for. And with leading brands such as Coricraft available through Teljoy, shoppers really have a quality selection to choose from.

The checkout process is an easy two steps with blog content available to assist with any advice on which products to select. Best thing about shopping on this site is that you’ll not need to make a credit or debit card payment online, you just have to upload required paperwork and wait for your order which will arrive a day or two after approval. Finally, the Teljoy site is optimised for mobile devices, so there is nothing easier than browsing on your smartphone or tablet and becoming part of the rent-to-own experience.


Even though online shopping is currently limited to Gauteng, this megastore has such an extensive range, good search filters, and are priced competitively, that it is too good to ignore. It features a nice mix of brand names and runs frequent promotions.


Featuring a functional design, this online store delivers all furniture fully assembled. One can easily browse around the site for hours looking at all its different furniture and customisation options. Prices are good and the range is vast.


While not having as extensive a range as some of the other online stores, @Home is more focused towards an upmarket clientele. Even so, there are numerous online exclusives, specials, and variations across rooms on offer to meet most requirements.


Another upmarket option, the Weylandts online shop provides a clean and fresh design. Featuring all the functionality required from an e-tailing experience it also offers a useful recommendation section based on your likes, browsing history, and previous purchases.

An alternative to buying direct is considering rent-to-own. This is a much more budget-friendly option than spending a small fortune on furnishing your home or apartment. Buyers get the financial flexibility they need, while still experiencing all the convenience of online shopping.