Gupta Naturalisation Process To Be Reviewed: Home Affairs Committee

The naturalisation process of the Gupta family needs to be reviewed by home affairs.
The controversial Gupta brothers.

Parliament’s Home Affairs committee says that the naturalisation process for members of the Gupta family was fraudulent and should be reviewed.

The committee has completed its inquiry into the issue.

A member of the committee has confirmed that the entire naturalisation process should be reviewed. MPs have also recommended criminal proceedings be followed.

The committee complained that its probe into the Gupta naturalisation matter should have been concluded much earlier.

Parliamentarians last week said they were struggling to get hold of Gupta associate Ashu Chawla.

Chawla was the alleged mastermind behind the Gupta’s naturalisation and entry into South Africa.

Chawla, through his lawyer, had earlier demanded that Parliament pay for a business class air ticket for him to travel from India to South Africa so he could appear before the committee.