Have Race Relations Improved In SA? South Africans Surveyed Think So

SA Race Relations
Image: EWN

A recent poll by the Institute of Race Relations (IRR) shows that more black South Africans believe that race relations have improved since 1994.

The survey, which was conducted in December last year, found that only 20% of black people think that racism has gotten worse.

The IRR canvassed over 1,000 South Africans covering different demographics in the country, mainly black people.

The IRR’s Marius Roodt said 64% of them believed racism had eased since the dawn of democracy.

“More black South Africans felt race relations have improved since 1994, compared to coloured or white people. It’s hard to say why the reason for that is. Racism can be subjective sometimes, some people may feel something is racist while another person might not,” Roodt said.

When black respondents were asked whether they viewed their white counterparts as second class citizens, 62% of them agreed. However, according to the poll, more white South Africans said they believed race relations had become worse since 1994.