Helen Zille
Western Cape Premier Helen Zille is set to deliver her last State of the Province Address in the legislature on 15 February. Picture: EWN

Outgoing Western Cape Premier Helen Zille has delivered her last State of the Province Address.

Reflecting on her two terms in office, Zille said the right lessons should be learned from her 10 years in government.

But her final address to the legislature was not without drama and her speech was slightly delayed when the African National Congress (ANC) staged a walkout.

Zille was undeterred by the ANC which said they were not staying to hear her speak because she was not saying anything new.

But Zille forged ahead, speaking for more than an hour on the challenges and successes in education, the economy and the health sector.

“… And residents, communities and religious leaders have full responsibility for the roles they are to play.”

Zille’s term officially comes to an end on 6 May.