Home Affairs Helps Wupperthal Fire Victims To Get ID Documents

Inside the burnt out hostel that housed 200 school learners. Picture: Bertram Malgas/EWN

Government has stepped in to help Wupperthal residents whose personal documents were destroyed in the fire. Deputy Home Affairs Minister Fatima Chohan will on Monday meet residents who lost their homes and all their belongings when a fire swept through the Cederberg town.

The fire victims will be transported from Wupperthal to the West Coast town of Vredendal to apply for new ID cards and other personal documents detroyed in the blaze.

The department has put out extra staff for the day to deal with the increased number of applications.

On 30 December, the fire destroyed 53 houses and five businesses when it spread in Wupperthal.

One of the victims, Barend Salomo, had this to say: “This whole disaster is so sad. When the first missionaries came to Wupperthal in 1830, they found my great-grandfather here, Oupa Jan… We built up for so many centuries and in less than an hour it is burned down… It is not a nice feeling, it is really sad.”