How Dirty Is Your Mattress?

Your Mattress

Get rid of health jeopardising pests lurking in your mattress

Have you and your partner been lying in bed and not felt alone? You’re not!

We forget the microorganisms that often inhabit our mattress – even if we regularly change our bedding.

“We spend about a third of our lives sleeping. Every time we leave a piece of ourselves (in the form of dead skin cells) on our mattress,” explains Mervyn Ewertse, founder and MD of Bed King.

While dust mites are probably more of a nuisance than it is life threatening, a house mite could do harm with just one bite, can cause severe itching and/or an allergic reactions.

A recent study by the Microbiome Journal found that the average home collects about 18 kg of dust every year. These particles have bacteria and fungus suspended in them. Gravity causes these dust particles to settle everywhere in the home, including on your bed.

How dirty is your mattress?

Asthma, eczema and hay fever sufferers will find their symptoms worsen in the presence of mites. The Allergy Foundation South Africa found there are an estimated 1,000 mites in the average bed. This varies according to the climate, as these pests prefer humid conditions. 

And it’s worse for those with carpets, with around 200,000 bacteria (per square inch) found in the average rug. 

“Short-term solutions include regularly changing and cleaning your bedding plus investing in an allergy-free, water proof mattress protector to help eliminate these allergy triggers. However, it’s best to look at long-term solutions like deep cleaning your mattress,” advises Ewertse.

Consumer Reports suggests the following tips to embark on your deep cleaning endeavour. A shorter version of this can be incorporated when changing your bedding.

• Ensure you purchase a waterproof, Anti-allergy, bacterial mattress protector, change your linen every two weeks and rotate/flip mattress monthly. 

• You are also advised NOT to expose sleep sets to direct sunlight as it can cause damages that could render the warranty null and void

• Depending on the type of mattress you have, flipping or rotating it monthly is recommended. 

• And always put on a mattress protector – most warranties will become null & void if you don’t use a mattress protector.  

Out with the old

Ewertse recommends buying a new quality mattress at the five to eight-year mark. This will vary depending on age and how well your bed is taken care. 

“Our Comfort Solutions Lab is beneficial to help recognise every individuals’ needs. Whether you sleep alone or next to a partner, we’re able to recommend the bed of your dreams through utilizing this exclusive technology,” explains Ewertse.