Hyderabadi Biryani: Traditional Rice Dish From India

Hyderabadi biryani
Hyderabadi biryani, a traditional rice dish from India.

Original article published at TasteAtlas.

Hyderabadi biryani is a South Indian dish consisting of basmati rice, goat, mutton, or chicken meat, lemon, yogurt, onions, and saffron. There are two main varieties of the dish – kachchi (raw) and pakki (cooked).

It is said that Hyderabadi biryani’s richness of flavor is due to the unique process of cooking raw rice and raw meat together with exotic spices, unlike other places where meat and rice are cooked separately.

The special cooking style, known as dum, is believed to have come from Persia during the Mughals’ regime in India.