Insight Into the Land Question From The Perspective of Former-President Thabo Mbeki

Summary by Ona Xolo_

In an interview with Mr Mbeki, he indicates that the ANC had no clear plan to deal with the economy or the Land question. In his opinion the party is taking a radical approach to the land question by misusing the Freedom Charter that was based on the notion that land must be shared by all who worked it.

Mbeki states that it would remain to be seen how much practical correction would be implemented.

Cyril Ramaphosa emphasises that the approach regarding expropriation of land without compensation would not undermine property rights.

Source Article: The Citizen

Thabo Mbeki, former ANC leader, reportedly believes the party is misusing the Freedom Charter to push an irrational radical agenda against ‘settlers’.

Mbeki made it clear that he doesn’t buy the idea that white people in South Africa should be thought of as “land thieves”.

He said the ANC had been “rushed” in deciding to change the constitution on the matter of land expropriation when it voted on the matter at Nasrec in December 2017. He said it was clear to him that the ANC still had no clear plan for the economy or how to deal with the so-called land question.

Mbeki also criticised the current interpretation of the Freedom Charter that he claimed was being misused to push a more radical agenda.

He said the charter had always been clear that the land should be shared among those who worked it.

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