Jason Rohde Legal Team Files Application To Appeal Sentence, Conviction

Jason Rohde at Western Cape High Court on trial for the murder of his wife Susan Rohde.
Jason Rohde at Western Cape High Court.

Lawyers for convicted killer Jason Rohde have filed an application for leave to appeal his guilty verdict and punishment.

This after the Western Cape High Court rejected an application to appeal in April.

He was sentenced to an effective 20 years imprisonment in February for killing his wife, Susan Rohde, in 2016 and then tampering with the crime scene to make it look like she took her own life.

Rohde’s lawyers have confirmed they filed the application for leave to appeal with the Supreme Court earlier this month.

This as he continues to fight to have his conviction and sentence overturned.

The Western Cape High Court found overwhelming evidence led to Rohde’s guilty verdict and an effective 20-year jail term.

But the defence believes there’s a reasonable prospect that another court could come to a different finding.

In its arguments for leave to appeal in the High Court, the defence highlighted several discrepancies.

One of these is the manner in which the State post-mortem was conducted.

It also argued that the State pathologist’s interpretation of the ligature mark around Susan Rohde’s neck was incorrect.