Jiba’s Application To Cross-Examine Agrizzi At State Capture Inquiry Postponed

Advocate Nomgcobo Jiba.
Advocate Nomgcobo Jiba.

Fired deputy prosecutions boss Nomgcobo Jiba’s application to cross-examine former Bosasa executive Angelo Agrizzi at the state capture commission has been postponed indefinitely.

Jiba wanted to clear her name after Agrizzi testified that the advocate and her former colleague Lawrence Mrwebi received bribes to help quash a criminal investigation into Bosasa.

Agrizzi later pulled out of appearing before another inquiry which was investigating Jiba and Mrwebi’s fitness to hold office.

Deputy Chief Justice Raymond Zondo said that he would allow Jiba to lead evidence when witnesses, including former Correctional Services Commissioner Linda Mti have come before the commission.

Mti was the one who told Agrizzi that money given to him was destined for Jiba and Mrwebi.

Jiba’s lawyer Advocate Zola Majavu said she wanted Agrizzi to present this evidence at the Mokgoro Commission.

“So when he said ‘no, I’m not coming,’ we had to lick our wounds hoping he would, at the very least, be amenable to come back to this commission where the allegations were made.”

Majavu also took exception to Agrizzi saying that Jiba was a snake.

But his lawyer Julie Anne Harwood said that was just a code name.

“He explained that it wasn’t a derogative nickname it was just a code name that was given and he explained what Mr Mti said.”

Zondo said Jiba would testify and cross-examine Agrizzi at a later stage.