Karoo Lion Finally Captured 300km From Where He Escaped

The missing Karoo lion was found 300km from it's home, darted and flown back by helicopter.
The lion went missing from the Karoo National Park and was found roaming 50 kilometres from Sutherland towards Calvinia, in the Northern Cape.

A young lion who’s been on the run for nearly a month is in for a confusing wake-up call when he realises he’s back in the Karoo National Park.

The lion was captured on Wednesday night outside Sutherland after being tracked for several weeks by a team of dedicated trackers.

He was sedated and is now being transported back to the park he ran away from on 15 February.

He’d been on the run for 27 days covered more than 300 kilometres and he even grabbed some takeaways along the way in the form of several sheep and an eland.

But on Wednesday night, his road trip came to an abrupt end when trackers spotted the lion 20 kilometres outside Sutherland.

The lion, who’s between two and three-years-old, was tranquillised from a helicopter.

And although he had to sleep it off in a police holding cell in Sutherland like a tipsy criminal he’s not in trouble. Right now, he’s enjoying another long nap while he is driven back to the Karoo National Park.

This is the second lion to escape from the park since Sylvester the Lion went on the run for two weeks in 2016.