Killers Of Lenasia Pharmacy Student Get 30-Year Jail Sentence

Alexis Mare, 32, and Sharon du Preez, 45, were sentenced to 30 years. File picture

LENASIA: The Palm Ridge High Court in Gauteng has sentenced the killers of Lenasia pharmacy student Jaishika Amtha to an effective 30 years in jail on Friday morning.

Alexis Mare, 32,  and Sharon du Preez, 45, were found guilty of shooting the pharmacy student twice in her head.

Her mother who made the gruesome discovery when she returned home from a religious service.

Mare and du Preez told the court that they had helped Amtha to commit suicide as she was suffering from cancer and did not want her family to find out.

The court heard that Amtha had met the accused through OLX, where she had posted a few items like a camera, cellphone, and TV for sale. A month after her death, in April 2016, members of the Provincial Task Team comprising Warrant officer Rajan Govender, Rajen Nagessar and Pravad Maharaj arrested the duo while working on another case in Johannesburg.

They were charged with murder, robbery and illegal possession of a firearm.

The duo received 20 years for murder; 10 years for robbery with aggravated circumstances, 5 years for illegal possession of a firearm and an additional 3 years for illegal possession of ammunition.

Some sentences will run concurrently and the effective jail sentence is 30 years.