Land Expropriation Report Ready For 6th Parliament

land expropriation
Image: Christa Eybers/EWN

A parliamentary committee tasked with amending the Constitution to explicitly allow for land expropriation without compensation met for the last time on Wednesday.

Members of the committee met to finalise a draft report which details the process followed as well as submissions by legal experts.

The National Assembly last year resolved to establish the ad hoc committee to initiate and introduce legislation amending Section 25 of the Constitution.

The committee was in a rush against time to finalise its report before Parliament rises next week Tuesday.

That follows last week’s meeting where legal experts made submissions on what process should be followed.

But it will now be up to the sixth Parliament, after the elections, to take the constitutional amendment forward.

Committee chairperson Thoko Didiza said: “Our recommendation to the House is that as the committee, having acknowledged that amending Section 25 of the Constitution cannot be concluded during this term, we recommend that the sixth Parliament be tasked with finalising the process.”

The committee will submit its report and recommendations to be adopted by the National Assembly next week Tuesday.