Land Expropriation Will Be Done in Orderly Manner, Ramaphosa Reiterates

President Cyril Ramaphosa. Picture: @GovernmentZA/Twitter

President Cyril Ramaphosa has reiterated that the expropriation of land without compensation will be done in an orderly manner.

Ramaphosa is briefing diplomats on some of South Africa’s programmes, including the upcoming investment summit.

Ramaphosa says that everyone will be consulted in the process on land expropriation.

“We will seek to ensure, as we did in 1994 when we crafted our Constitution, that we take into account the interests of all our people of our beloved land.”

The president says that the country will reach a consensus on the matter.

“We will find a solution to this, as we did when we addressed what the world thought was an intractable problem, in terms of addressing the apartheid nightmare, so a solution will be found soon and it will be a South African solution.”

Last month, US President Donald Trump tweeted a misinformed claim that white-owned farms in South Africa were being seized.

But Ramaphosa says government policies will advance economic development and improve food security through better agricultural production. He says land reform is addressing much attention at home and abroad.

There well over 1.2 million inputs from South Africans when the Constitution was drafted in 1994. On land reform, there’ve been more than 700,000 submissions from the public.

“We will find a solution to this as we did when we addressed what the world thought was an intractable problem, the apartheid nightmare.”