Land Rights in South Africa

In 1913, whites restricted black Africans from holding any more than a tiny fraction of the country. They were pushed back into “reserves” on just 13 per cent of the land. Under apartheid there were further seizures.

The ANC government has (since 1994) done much to settle urban land claims, and some black farmers have benefited from redistribution. But many schemes have failed and there is now a clamour for more radical measures: expropriation without compensation. 

Land Rights in South Africa promises “land restitution” that aims to empower farm workers (who now have the opportunity to become farmers) and reduce inequality. It is believed to allow previously unemployed people to participate in the economy and better the country’s economic growth.


Land Expropriation Report Ready For 6th Parliament

A parliamentary committee tasked with amending the Constitution to explicitly allow for land expropriation without compensation met for the last time on Wednesday.Members of the committee met to...