Load-shedding A Possibility: Eskom

Picture: Antoine de Ras/African News Agency (ANA) Archives

CAPE TOWN – Eskom has warned South Africans might not have electricity on Friday. The power utility says the risk of scheduled power cuts had risen to Stage 2 as the electricity grid came under strain.

“There is a high probability of Stage 2 rotational load shedding from 09:00 until 22:00 today as a result of loss of additional units overnight,” the power utility said.

Stage 2 load shedding means 2 000 megawatts of power are taken off the grid nationwide to prevent collapse of the system.

Eskom implemented Stage 1 load shedding on Thursday but terminated it at 9pm, an hour earlier than expected.

The power utility said if customers continued experiencing outages for longer periods than announced, they should contact their local supplier as this may be a localised power outage.