Load Shedding Putting Businesses Under Severe Pressure, Says SACCI

FILE: A worker on a car assembly line. Picture: AFP

JOHANNESBURG – The South African Chamber of Commerce and Industry (Sacci) has expressed major concern at stage four load shedding, saying the lack of power is crippling some businesses.

It says the latest move will limit many industries from expanding, with questions now being asked about whether some companies can meet the demands of clients as promised.

Sacci CEO Alan Mukoki says the unexpected stage four load shedding is causing disruption with production and will ultimately limit job creation.

“So, now you begin to affect the credibility of the South African production system whether it can actually be reliable because things were supposed to be done yesterday, they can’t be done because now we’ve got this massive load shedding.”

He says businesses are under severe pressure as production lines are stopping.

“Also another impact is that you’re not making revenue in respects of your business; it doesn’t mean you’re not carrying those fixed costs.”

Businesses have complained about power being lost at short notice with uncertainty about when it will be restored.