Matole Motshekga Appeals To MPs To Put Aside Differences For Land Expropriation Bill

land expropriation
Mathole Motshekga. Pic: Kevin Sutherland.

The parliamentary committee tasked with initiating and introducing legislation to allow for land expropriation without compensation has held a workshop to gather information on how to draft the bill.

The workshop was facilitated by Judge Johann van der Westhuizen, Inspecting Judge of Correctional Services and a former constitutional court judge.

Parliamentary Legal Services gave the committee a few options on how the Constitution could be amended.

One of the options presented stated that the compensation amount and the time and manner of payment must be just and equitable, reflecting an equitable balance between the public interest and the interests of those affected.

Another option was that land may be expropriated without any compensation as a legitimate tool to achieve land reform and redress the results of past racial discrimination.

Committee chairperson Mathole Motshekga appealed to MPs to put aside their differences and work towards an acceptable amendment.

“We called you here as the best brains this country could produce so that you can help this Parliament to come with an amendment to the Constitution.”

The committee was told the draft bill would be ready by December before public hearings could start.