Metrorail Train Fire Costs Near R122 Million

train fire metrorail

Metrorail has put the cost of damages caused by train fires in Cape Town this year so far to nearly R122 million.

But this figure will be far higher once the extent of damage two several train carriages in a suspected arson attack at Cape Town station this week has been determined.

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Seven carriages were destroyed on platforms 17 and 18 in Cape Town, bringing the total number of train fires in the city to over a dozen this year.

Metrorail says the estimated cost of damages caused by Tuesday’s fires is R13 million for the two motor coaches damaged, and between R2 million and R3 million for each of the five passenger carriages.

Metrorail spokesperson Riana Scott says this estimate excludes the R280,000 it will cost to replace 200 metres of overhead wiring above platforms 17 and 18.

“Seven train carriages have been destroyed by the fire, as well some 200 metres of overhead wire above the platforms. Our teams will continue with clean-up operations and restore as much as possible.”

Scott says the service now has access to no more than 38 train sets, which is far below the 88 required to run efficiently.

Meanwhile, the provincial and local governments want the Transport Minister to declare a state of emergency.

Source – EWN