Public Protector Advocate Busisiwe Mkhwebane has slammed the media for being biased and using misleading headlines when reporting on her.

Mkhwebane was part of a panel discussion at the University of the Western Cape’s Inaugural Media Mind Blast event on Friday afternoon. The initiative was established to expose students to the formal media and communication sector.

Mkhwebane kicked off her address by setting the record straight regarding reports that she had instructed staff in her office to switch television channels to Gupta-owned news channel ANN7. She denied this saying she asked for all South African news channels to feature at her office.

“The message was clear, play SABC news channel 404 on one floor. Play eNCA on the other floor and play ANN7 on the other floor,” Mkhwebane said.

“I thought that settled the issue, but the next thing I knew screaming headlines were all over the news,” she added.

The Public Protector emphasised the importance of impartiality when it came to politics.

“I operate in a political space [and] I don’t control whose supporting me. The very same EFF you’ve seen, there was a stage when they were attacking me as a person, then they changed. I don’t have control over that,” she said.

Mkhwebane also responded to a question on the adverse court findings against her, saying judges are fallible human beings too.