Momo: Traditional Dumplings From Nepal

Momo, traditional dumplings from Nepal.
Momo, traditional dumplings from Nepal.

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These South Asian dumplings were traditionally only filled with minced meat, but nowadays the fillings have diversified to include vegetables, dairy, or a combination of both. They originated in the Kathmandu Valley and are native to Tibet, Nepal, Buthan, and parts of India.

Momo dumplings are typically steamed, but they can also be fried. They are usually shaped either into purses or into half-moons (other shapes also exist). The best-known varieties include buff momosmade with water buffalo meat, sha momos made with beef or yak meat, and khasi momos with lamb or mutton filling, while both jhol momos and C-momos come served in a spicy, hot sauce.

Other noted types of momo dumplings include open momostarkari momos that have a vegetable filling, potato-filled momos, and cheese-filled momos. These dumplings are very versatile and can be eaten either as a snack or an appetizer.
They are typically served as a main course with a dipping sauce on the side.