Scores of Democratic Alliance (DA) members on Sunday gathered in the Elsies River community of Leonsdale to welcome a number of GOOD party members to their fold.

The former members have accused the GOOD Party of making empty promises the poor and unemployed in exchange for their votes.

More than a dozen Patricia de Lille’s party members have on Sunday afternoon exchanged their bright orange t-shirts for royal blue ones.

One of the newly joined DA members, Ruben Ackerman, addressed the crowd and explained why he chose to leave GOOD.

“It’s a party that looked out for their interest and their friends and families first. It’s also a party driven by individual greed that does not help ward members in terms of recognition for their support.”

The GOOD party’s Brett Herron said Sunday’s event said more about the DA’s current insecurity and how it saw Good as a threat.

“The DA making a great fuss about attracting some people who they thought they claimed were GOOD members, says more about the DA’s crisis than with anything that has to do with GOOD. GOOD has attracted hundreds of members on a daily basis. We are focused on building our infrastructure.”

The DA said about 300 new membership applications were being processed.