Mother Of CT Learner Slapped By Teacher Considering Her Legal Options

Mum Slapped By Teacher
The mother of a Sans Souci Girls' High School learner addresses the media a day after her daughter was slapped by one of her teachers. Picture: Bertram Malgas/EWN

The mother of a Sans Souci learner involved in an altercation with an educator says that she’s considering her legal options after her child’s suspension.

The grade nine learner and the educator have been suspended from school pending a disciplinary hearing.

A video surfaced earlier this week, showing the learner pushing the educator and the teacher, in turn, slapping her in the face during class.

A group of learners at the school has been protesting in support of the teacher.

Meanwhile, the girl’s mother has opened a criminal case of assault against the woman, while the educator has opened a counter-case of assault against the 16-year-old.

Her mother says she’s received a notice from the school stipulating the disciplinary charges the child faces.

“She was charged with intimidation by verbal and physical threat to harm a person; insubordination/ignoring, or failing to carry out a specific instruction; actions which brings the school name into disrepute; violating the rights of other learners to receive an education by disrupting classes; preventing teachers from teaching; violating the rights of teachers to carry out their duties.”

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