Motshekga Expects Intense Debate On Wording To Allow For Land Expropriation Without Compensation

ANC MP Dr Mathole Motshekga.
ANC MP Dr Mathole Motshekga.

Dr Mathole Motshekga, who is the chairman of the parliamentary ad hoc committee tasked with changing Section 25 of the Constitution to allow for expropriation of land without compensation said he was expecting fierce debate but insisted that all parties would have their say.

Last month, senior ANC MP Dr Mathole Motshekga was unanimously chosen to chair the multi-party committee, which is expected to begin its work soon after Parliament resumes next week.

In an interview with Eyewitness News, Motshekga said he wanted the process to be as inclusive as possible.

Mosthekga said he would like to see the committee reach consensus on the best wording to change the Constitution when it came to allowing for the expropriation of land without compensation.

He acknowledged that the issue was likely to fuel heated debate, and said that he wanted all voices to be heard.

“There are different views on the formulation of the amendment of Section 25 and we don’t want to impose any formulation on the basis of a majority view, because the amendment is not for party political purposes but is something that must meet the expectations of the people of South Africa as a whole,” he said.

At the committee’s first meeting last month, it mapped out a programme of action and agreed that parties could nominate experts to brief lawmakers before work on drafting the constitutional amendment began.

Motshekga said if no consensus was reached, a majority vote would determine which wording was to be used.


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