Motsoaledi Expects Outstanding Salaries To Be Paid To Healthcare Workers

FILE: Health Minister Aaron Motsoaledi. Pictire: Kayleen Morgan/ EWN.

JOHANNESBURG – Health Minister Aaron Motsoaledi says that doctors who are still waiting for their salaries should receive them on Monday.

The Health Department failed to pay medical interns their January salaries on time, claiming there had been a delay in processing their details.

Some healthcare workers had still not been paid by the new deadline last Thursday.

Motsoaledi says that the responsibility lies at the provincial level.

“I’ve already asked provinces that if they don’t take action, this type of things will happen. The people who are responsible for these payments are employed in provinces, not at the national level.

“So, nobody at the national level has got a legal right in terms of the Labour Law to charge anybody in the province.”