MPs Wants To Know How Many Foreign Nationals Are Unemployed In SA

Person holding a placard stating 'looking for a job'

Members of Parliament’s employment and labour oversight committee have questioned the number of foreign nationals employed in the country.

They’ve called on Stats South Africa to provide employment figures in this regard.

The organisation briefed the committee on national and provincial unemployment numbers on Wednesday.

Stats SA officials and MPs were discussing the country’s high unemployment rate.

But some committee members were more interested in how foreign nationals affect the latest employment figures.

Democratic Alliance MP Nceba Hinana said: “When we talk of the unemployment rate as reflected in the stats, are we also looking at the foreigners who are in our country and not employed. How do you distinguish unemployed South Africans from the unemployed foreign nationals?”

Committee chairperson Lindelwa Dunjwa said the queries shouldn’t be construed as xenophobic considering the current tensions and violence gripping parts of the country.

“In all these numbers, how many of these people are foreign nationals? I’m not going to say what Honourable Ntsele said in that he hopes we’re not xenophobic, that’s not a xenophobic question.”

Stats SA executive Kgabo Komape said they didn’t have the latest figures on foreign nationals working in South Africa but would try to provide them at a later stage.