Namaqua National Park Expects Bumper Wildflower Season

Namaqua National Park
Flowers bloom in the Namaqua National Park. Picture: EWN

The Namaqua National Park said that they were thankful for the good rainfall received in recent months, as this ensured a good Spring flower season.

The West Coast region’s famous wildflowers sprouted earlier this month.

Albeit a late start from the traditional July start, this year’s spring flower season was expected to last until mid-September.

Park manager, Genevieve Maasdorp said that despite an ongoing drought, this year has delivered more blooms compared to last year when the situation was at its worst in the Northern Cape.

“Last year we did not have as many flowers as we expected, we actually had a very bad season with the drought having a very bad impact all over the Northern Cape. That’s why we’re so excited about this and we really want everyone to come down and come and see the flowers.”