New Cards For Sassa: Fraud Warning

Social grants remain the second most important source of income

The South African Social Security Agency (Sassa) has issued a warning that social grant beneficiaries are being deceived to take a certain bank card.

“The fraudsters spread wrong information claiming that the Sassa card will not have money beginning of the month of August 2018. Sassa would like to assure all social grant beneficiaries that the glitches experienced at the beginning of July have been resolved, their grant money will be on the new gold card as from 1st of August 2018,” Sassa Mpumalanga Spokesperson, Senzeni Ngubeni said in a statement.

Sassa is urging concerned beneficiaries to make enquiries by visiting their nearest SASSA office and at existing pay-point or nearby Post Offices, adding that the new Sassa card swap is only issued at pay-points, Sassa offices and South African Post
Office (SAPO).

The new Sassa card can be identified as follows: The Sassa payment card has the South African flag on the left side, Mastercard logo
on the right and bears the Sassa insignia at the top.

The old Sassa card will be fully phased-out by September 30 2018.