Nicholas Ninow Was Looking For A Victim, State Argues

Nicholas Ninow in High Court Pretoria during Dros rape trial
Nicholas Ninow in High Court Pretoria.

The State in the Dros rape trial on Thursday urged the High Court in Pretoria to convict Nicholas Ninow based on the evidence of his seven-year-old victim.

Ninow is facing five charges including two counts of rape. He confessed to raping the little girl at the Dros restaurant in Pretoria last year.

A witness testified about how Ninow was moving from one table to the next and at one stage even requested a table near the kiddie’s corner.

State prosecutor Grace Ngobeni said that from the evidence presented to the court, it was clear that Ninow was looking for a victim on that day.

“There was no reason for him to move from that table and go and sit at the table next to the kiddie’s corner. It is my submission that the court should find that the accused had an intention of having sexual intercourse [with a child],” she said.

Ngobeni said Ninow’s version in his plea should not be accepted as he could not explain why he was found naked in the women’s bathroom.

Ninow will know his fate on Monday when the judgment is delivered.