Nine Year Old Launches New Book “The Clever Twins”

The Clever Twins

This youth month, nine-year-old Ngcali Metu from the Eastern Cape will launch her first book, The Clever Twins.

The book looks at twins Zazi and Azi who were exceptional young children and had hearts of gold. Empowering and uplifting their community was what they enjoyed doing the most. Little did they realise just how intelligent they really were. Their mom and teachers, however, noticed their uniqueness, which resulted in the twins having to make some difficult decisions.


DATE: 29th of June 2019

VENUE: Skoobs Bookstore at Monte Casino Fourways.

The Clever Twins


My name is Ngcali Metu and I am from the Eastern Cape. I dedicate this book to my late grandfather who has inspired me to believe in myself and follow in his footsteps – for all the hard work he’s done for his community. I would like to thank my family for supporting me throughout this process. I did not think that it would be possible for me to write a book. My aunt, who is a writer, inspired me to begin writing. To my new Bala Books family, thank you. To all the children of the world, including the sick, deprived and those who have had their childhood stolen from them, I write this story for you. May you make a difference in the world, however little it may seem.


The Clever Twins

Bala Books was first established in South Africa in 2012, to help improve the quality of Education among African children through learning that leads to opportunities inside and outside the classroom. Bala Books has been involved with a number of independent and public schools in South Africa; offering children’s book-writing programmes within the schools as part of the curriculum. As such, Bala Books has developed South African child-authors at these schools. Ours is the business that does the child-authored books that are then published and the kids earn royalties off the sale of the books. The books have actually been written by children themselves, who are between the ages of 7 and 18. These children have undertaken book-writing programmes organised through Bala Books. The books are also translated into indigenous languages and made available to community partner schools.

Bala Books’ book catalogue continues to grow in perpetual motion. Now comprising an anthology of nearly 10000 African child-authored reading books — published in English and local South African languages — the books are available for junior preparatory (Grades 0-3) and senior preparatory schools (Grades 4-7).

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