NPA Seeks Minimum Prescribed Sentence For Mpumalanga Mom Who Poisoned Kids

Zinhle Maditla, the Mpumalanga mother who pleaded guilty for murdering her 4 children.
Zinhle Maditla. Picture:

The woman convicted of killing her four children will return to the High Court in Mpumalanga on Tuesday morning for pre-sentencing.

Zinhle Maditla pleaded guilty to the premeditated murder of her four children, aged between 11 months and 8-years-old, in December last year.

In a letter, she confessed how she poisoned each of them in their Emalahleni home.

Maditla (24) told the court on Monday how she put rat poison in the children’s food and then tried to poison herself.

It’s understood that she killed the children out of rage after she found their father cheating on her.

The NPA in Mpumalanga said that it would now be arguing for a prescribed minimum sentence to be handed down to Maditla.

Arguments will start during pre-sentencing today, thereafter Judge Segopotso Mpahlele will hand down judgment.