NSPCA ‘Disgusted’ By Eskom As Load Shedding Impacts Farm Animals

Picture: pixabay.com

CAPE TOWN – The National Council of SPCA (NSPCA) says the load shedding crisis is having a negative impact on farm animals and Eskom has been unresponsive.

The organisation says in any intensive farming system, animals are dependent on ideal environmental conditions to survive and these conditions often depend on a constant supply of electricity.

The NSPCA says electricity plays a crucial role in animal farming.

Farm animal protection unit manager Grace De Lange says electricity drives the system and equipment that creates the ideal environment to keep the animals in full health.

De Lange says intensive poultry production is heavily reliant on electricity for maintaining poultry house environments, as well as in the supply of feed, lighting, and water.

She says the organisation has addressed the concerns with Eskom since December and are disgusted by their lack of response.

The council says its strongly urging Eskom to take the issue seriously.