Parliament: First Sitting Of National Assembly Scheduled For 22 May

SA parliament

Parliament has announced the first sitting of the National Assembly is provisionally scheduled to take place on 22 May.

The first sitting of the National Council of Provinces, at this stage, is set to be held the following day.

These dates are, however, subject to official announcement by the Chief Justice.

With the official 2019 national election results declared and following months of intense preparation for the establishment of the sixth democratic Parliament, parliamentary spokesperson Moloto Mothapo said they were ready to welcome new Members to the National Assembly.

“It’s all systems go. We’re just waiting on Parliament to receive the officials’ list from the Chief Justice.”

Mothapo said both houses of Parliament must be established within 14 days of the IEC declaring the election results, according to the Constitution.

The State of the Nation Address has been provisionally scheduled for 20 June.

The president and the presiding officers of Parliament will on Monday decide on the date before it’s confirmed.