Parly Committee: ‘Court Ruling in AfriForum Case a Victory For SA’s Landless’

The constitutional review committee has on 15 November 2018 adopted its final report that recommends the amendment of Section 25 of the Constitution. Picture: @ParliamentofRSA/Twitter

CAPE TOWN – Parliament scored a victory at the Western Cape High Court on Friday morning.

AfriForum’s application to set aside Parliament’s adoption of its constitutional review committee’s report on land expropriation without compensation has been dismissed.

The lobby group had applied to the High Court to halt Parliament’s constitutional review committee report from being passed onto the National Assembly for debate and possible adoption on 4 December.

Parliament’s constitutional review committee has welcomed the court’s decision, saying it’s a victory for South Africans, in particular, the landless.

The committee was tasked with leading the process of reviewing Section 25 of the Constitution which included public hearings on the matter.

Committee co-chairperson Lewis Nzimande says the ruling means Parliament can continue with its work unhindered.

The national legislature had argued that the matter was not urgent and AfriForum’s application was premature as it was filed before the debate on the report.

The court will make a ruling on costs at a later stage.