PIC Inquiry – Dan Matjila Details How Confidential Information Was Leaked

Former PIC CEO Dan Matjila at the PIC Inquiry.
Former PIC CEO Dan Matjila at the PIC Inquiry.

Former Public Investment Corporation (PIC) boss Dan Matjila on Tuesday described how the server that stored confidential information at the PIC was compromised.

Matjila was testifying at the commission of inquiry into alleged impropriety at the PIC.

He’s gone into detail about the period when the mysterious man known only as James Nogu was distributing emails containing leaked confidential information.

Matjila told the commission that in July 2017, former IT manager Vuyokazi Menye told him there was a power surge at the PIC, destroying all servers and that, along with her team, she spent the whole night rebuilding those servers without any supervision.

Matjila said shortly thereafter the second Nogu email arrived.

“A PIC confidential memorandum dealing with funding was stored on the PIC server and could only have been accessed by a PIC employee.”

He said after that, he set up a meeting with the CEO of communications technology company, BCX, which also somehow made its way to Nogu.

Matjila said this showed that the PIC did not have adequate measures in place to ensure that confidential information was not leaked.


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