Police Arrest Second Suspect Linked To CT Anti-Gang Unit Shooting

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FILE: President Cyril Ramaphosa launched the anti-gang unit in Cape Town on 2 November 2018. Picture: Cindy Archillies/EWN

CAPE TOWN – Police have arrested a second suspect linked to the Anti-Gang Unit shooting that took place in Samora Machel, Nyanga.

The 30-year-old man was apprehended near King William’s Town in the Eastern Cape on Thursday.

Police said they acted on information that the suspect had fled from Cape Town to the Eastern Cape following the attack on six Anti-Gang Unit members.

Investigators said the suspect was injured during the shootout with the Anti-Gang Unit members and fled to Tshatshu outside King William’s Town for medical treatment.

Police spokesperson Captain Khaya Tonjeni said officers apprehended him at a doctor’s consultation rooms.

“The suspect was immediately arrested at the surgery, he’ll be charged with attempted murder.”

The alleged gunman would appear in the King William’s Town Magistrates Court on Friday.

Police arrested their first suspect within hours of the shooting, they caught up with him in Paarl, Western Cape.

Six Anti-Gang unit members were injured in the incident, which has now become the subject of a high-level probe, looking into what led up to the deployment of the officers, who ordered the deployment and how what should have been a routine collar could have gone so badly wrong.