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Parliament’s constitutional review committee looking into land expropriation without compensation has been dogged by a series of procedural blunders.

Members of Parliament (MPs) on Thursday painstakingly went through each page of the draft report as they argued over the accuracy of minutes of meetings and a report that was rejected by the committee.

Some members of the committee have warned that the entire process could be derailed and set aside in a court of law if challenged.

Freedom Front Plus MP Corne Mulder complained about not receiving a report on submissions and warned against making procedural mistakes.

“If those submissions were addressed to Parliament, where is the report? If you want to change the Constitution, you cannot make procedural mistakes.”

The Democratic Alliance’s Glynnis Breytenbach agreed.

“Procedural errors will attract the setting aside of this entire process. It will undo all the work this committee has done. It will result in a waste of the money that has been spent in this process.”

Parliamentarians from the various parties will now submit their recommendations on a constitutional amendment by Monday.

The committee will then adopt the final report on 15 November.