Provincial Treasury Urged To Change Gear Due To Sluggish Economic Conditions

Provincial Treasury

The North West MEC for Finance, Ms Motlalepula Rosho challenged senior management of the department to develop innovative and implementable measures that will address the service delivery challenges that the province is facing amidst the slow performing economy. 

She said this during a three day departmental strategic planning session which its purpose was to align the 2020-2024 departmental strategic plan and 2020/2021 Annual Performance Plan to the 6th Administration priorities and national and provincial priorities

The MEC mentioned that the recent Budget Council indicated that the current low economic growth compels the country to reprioritize and direct its limited resources to programmes that would support economic growth and job creation initiatives. She mentioned that the slow economy growth has prompted government to consider budget cuts in the departments. She implored upon the department to ensure that its plans are realistic and respond to the challenges that require provincial government to do more with less. 

“In the absence of credible and realistic plans, no budget must be allocated. The North West Province is constrained by the need to consolidate its resources and must intensify efforts to address economic constraints, improve growth performance, create work opportunities and broaden economic participation. In order to achieve this, we need a capable workforce that will develop realistic and achievable activities to eliminate poverty and unemployment in our communities. We must be realistic in our plans so that the shoe string budget allocated to the Province responds to the critical service delivery demands such as water and sanitation, infrastructure development and job creation. As a custodian of public resources, Provincial Treasury must lead provincial departments, public entities and municipalities in responding to the slow economic growth by addressing financial system leakage, reprioritize spending and redirect savings to critical service delivery issues so that our communities do not suffer”, said MEC.

 The MEC said for the Province to realize implementation of economic infrastructure, inclusive rural economy, improving education and fighting corruption, intense monitoring and evaluation and consequence management must be applied. 

MEC Rosho said the Provincial Treasury must reclaim its position, exercise its mandate as empowered by Public Finance Management and Municipal Finance Management Acts and ensure that departments, public entities and municipalities account properly for the budgets allocated and where non-compliance is realized, punitive measures must be implemented without fear or favour.