Pule Mabe’s Sexual Harassment Hearing Postponed

ANC spokesperson Pule Mabe.
ANC spokesperson Pule Mabe.

The African National Congress (ANC) has postponed its national spokesperson Pule Mabe’s disciplinary hearing.

Mabe was placed on leave last year after his 26-year-old assistant accused him of sexual harassment.

His disciplinary hearing has been postponed at the request of both parties and will start next Wednesday.

Mabe is currently on leave after the party initiated the disciplinary process. The party’s acting spokesperson, Dakota Legoete, says the postponement comes at the request of both parties involved.

Legoete says the hearing has been delayed until next week Wednesday.

“The party has requested for the matter to be postponed because they are still going to consult with their representatives. Now there can’t be any finalisation until the parties themselves have completed their submissions and the panel has been granted the opportunity to make their assessments based on evidence and submissions made to them.”