R134,1m Is The Number Metrorail Has Paid For Damages Over Past Year In WC

FILE: A Metrorail train set alight in Firgrove, Cape Town. Picture: Supplied.

CAPE TOWN – Metrorail says 12 months after implementing additional security measures it has made 347 arrests in the province.

The rail operator held a media briefing on Wednesday, where it laid out its successes over the past months.

Metrorail explained over the past 12 months damages amounted to R134,1 million.

Stolen items amounted to R22,6 million and goods to the value of R4,56 million.”

Regional manager Richard Walker said the most targeted material proved to be underground signal cables.

Walker said over the last year the rail operator introduced extra security measures, including drone surveillance, crime intelligence and forensic evidence, in addition to armed escorts for staff and patrols.

“We’ve deployed technology to deal with the increase of crime in hotspots.”

He added that because of the increase in crime on trains, the additional security costs them R4,5 million a month.

At the briefing, Metrorail also displayed their four additional response vehicle, bringing the total to 19.

When asked about the new trains, Walker said commuters would have to wait 48 hours for the official announcement by Prasa.