Roets On Apartheid Flag Case: Mandela Foundation Had No Case

AfriForum’s Ernst Roets in Johannesburg High Court.
AfriForum’s Ernst Roets in Johannesburg High Court. Picture: Abigail Javier/EWN

AfriForum’s Ernst Roets on Tuesday said he was grateful that the High Court ruled in his favour after he was challenged for tweeting the old apartheid flag.

On Tuesday morning, Judge Colin Lamont ruled that Roets was not in contempt of court when he posted a picture of the flag just hours after the Equality Court had ruled that its gratuitous display amounted to hate speech.

The case against Roets was lodged by the Nelson Mandela Foundation last month arguing that he breached the Equality Court’s ruling.

Roets maintained that the Nelson Mandela Foundation has been on a witch hunt against him, saying there was no case.

“They’re trying to shut down voices of those who disagree with the views of the ruling party.”

The AfriForum deputy CEO was adamant the display of the apartheid flag could still be used for artistic, journalist and academic purposes.

While handing down his ruling, Lamont made it clear that the Equality Court was better placed to deal with the matter if the parties wished to take it further.

Meanwhile, the foundation is studying the judgment.