SA Creators Of Influence Embody Edgars In Epic Television Commercial

Edgars is showing up differently. In a big way. The iconic retailer has a whole new focus that goes far beyond a marketing strategy or a series of generic ad campaigns. At its very core, it’s a creative collaboration with South African culture. A collaboration so unapologetically and mesmerizingly displayed by a handpicked crew of some of South Africa’s most inspiring personalities in a television commercial that people just can’t stop watching.

Featuring the dynamic rapper, writer, actress, and fashion icon Sho Madjozi performing a song she co-created with Edgars, the TV commercial is an electric exhibition of the multi-cultural melting pot of self-expression you’re only going to find on the streets of South Africa.

What you won’t find in this commercial are hired models. Or actors. You’ll only find South African people expressing their true selves and doing their own thing to Sho Madjozi’s playfully defiant ama-get-down track titled ‘Don’t Tell Me What to Do’.

It features a diverse crew of everyday people who know exactly how they want to express themselves and joining Sho Madjozi are influential South Africans like DJ Arch Junior of South Africa’s Got Talent fame, writer and female activist Siphokazi Veti, Top Billing presenter Jonathan Boynton-Lee, and make-up mavens Kay Ngonyama and Jessica van Heerden.

Ground-breaking in the way it so fearlessly embraces every element of home grown style on such a collective scale, the commercial doesn’t tell anybody what to do or who to be. It’s more like a calling to all South Africans to be themselves. To own the feeling, own the fashion, own the beauty, own the style, own the rhythm, own the trend … and ultimately to own the look.

The new 40 second Edgars TV commercial started flighting early November 2018 on SABC, eTV, DStv and Mnet. It’s proving to be some serious eye candy (and ear candy for that matter) for South African consumers. The commercial has Shazam capabilities, while the track itself will be officially released on Sho Madjozi’s upcoming album soon.

Music isn’t the only way in which Sho Madjozi is collaborating with Edgars. She’s also designing her own fashion collection with the brand. Some of those pieces she can be seen wearing in the production, and all of which will, of course, together with her new album be available in selected Edgars stores soon.

The brand’s bold new move was inspired by a desire to grow brand love and to reconnect with an audience that is evolving rapidly. It takes the iconic Edgars red square to a whole new level as a window to self-expression for South Africans who no longer look outwardly (or to the west) for their sense of style or self. In this way Edgars celebrates its unique position as a truly South African retailer.

Edgars CEO Mike Elliott says, ‘The way we did things yesterday no longer works for our consumer. The consumers of today have a growing need to feel connected and to express themselves in their own highly individualistic ways. As a brand, we owe it to our consumers to be not just relevant, but to be culturally relevant too. Our newly enhanced brand – more particularly, our “own the look” campaign – is driven by a diversity of everyday people who are all culture creators in their own inspiring ways.’

Elliott continues, ‘Inspiring self-expression is an easy thing for a brand to say but it’s a bold thing to execute. Self-expression is a rich, powerful, evocative territory, but it has to be authentic. That’s why we’re so intent on working with real South Africans to co-create styles that will become a proud part of our collective culture, and in doing so, genuinely win back brand love.’

The refocused Edgars is vibrant, real, diverse, beautiful, and proud. It’s a brand that collaborates with culture rather than piggybacking on it, inspiring nothing less than absolute self-expression and encompasses everything from a new logo and revitalised look and feels that bring the ‘street’ back into stores to the launch of truly South African collections and ranges.

To be amongst the first to see just how vividly the new wild creativity of Edgars plays out, pop into one of their stores or one of the campaign stores. Sandton City Shopping Centre, Menlyn Park Shopping Centre, Canal Walk Shopping Centre and Clearwater Mall are already flaunting the new look and feel campaign, whilst East Rand Mall & Eastgate Shopping Centre are in preparation for their roll out on the 15th of November 2018.

With the chosen creators of influence leading this utterly-impossible-to-ignore campaign, Edgars is showing up differently in every way. And this is just the beginning.