SA Weather Service Issues Thunderstorms, Hail Warning In Gauteng

Hail Warning Gauteng
Image EWN

The South African Weather Service has issued a warning for severe thunderstorms and hail in Gauteng from 3pm to 9pm on Tuesday.

There are also threats that include heavy downpours, strong winds across Gauteng.

The warning comes after several areas in Sebokeng were battered by heavy rain two weeks ago, which flooded over 70 houses and left some residents homeless.

SA Weather Service forecaster Kumsa Masizana says: “Currently, we have some thunderstorms south of Gauteng, which are moving northerly. So, we now have them over the city of Johannesburg as well as the West Rand area. It’s a very slow moving storm. At this time it’s not significant. Although it’s slow moving, we’re watching for possible floods on the roads.”

At the same time, residents in Lonehill say heavy rain has wreaked havoc in their area.

A resident from Lonehill, Bokoli Isumul, explains: “There’s been heavy rains and floods. In every house it has been a problem. The water has entered our house.”

Residents and motorists have been warned to take precautions, as flooding is expected.